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The Right Lash to Enhance Your Eye Shape!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Happy Monday Beauties! 💋

We all know the magic of a pair of false lashes, they can open up your eyes and make them look bigger & younger immediately! BUT one of the hardest parts about lashes is figuring out which suit you best! Let's get into the most common eye shapes and what style of lash you should be looking for in order to enhance your already beautiful eyes!

Round Eyes

Usually large, prominent and with a circular look, round eyes show the white of the eye all the way around the iris (think Zoey Deschanel) Instead of being pulled in or out, round eyes are rounded in both the inner and outer corner of the eye. To help lengthen your eye for a more cat eye shape look for slightly delicate lashes that flare on the outer corner.

Recommendation: Vivian Lash

Almond Eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are just like an almond, longer in width than the are round. They have a smaller eyelid with the shape tapering by the tear duct and the outer eye (think Mila Kunis) Unlike round eyes, you'll only see the whites of the eyes on the sides of the iris, not above or below. Those with almond eyes have won the lash lottery, you can rock almost any lash you like! Lean into the sultry shape of your eyes with high volume lashes that keep a consistent volume from the inner to outer corner of the eye.

Recommendation: Reese Lash

Hooded Eyes

With hooded eyes the fold of the eyelid will typically hide your lid when your eyes are open. This means that the eyelid isn't normally visible and pulls back into the crease (think Selena Gomez). With hooded eyes you want to open up the eye as much as you can. To avoid weighing down your eyes and making them look smaller stay away from long and thick lashes. Try steering more towards natural looking lashes that are shorter in length. You can also try adding the appearance of depth by using a lash with a longer center that shortens slightly on the sides.

Recommendation: Bella Lash

Deep-Set Eyes

Those with deep-set eyes normally are viewed as having larger eyes and a prominent brow bone. This is due your eyes being set deeper in your eye socket (think Angelina Jolie). With deep-set eyes you want to add drama with your lashes to help open up the eye. You can do this with lashes that start shorter on the inner corner of your eye and get longer toward the outer corner with a long prominent curl.

Recommendation: Chesca Lash

Monolid Eyes

The defining characteristic of the monolid eye is the lack of crease on the eyelid (think Sandra Oh) For this eye shape you want to look for a low volume lash with a shorter length on the inner and outer corner that will help to open up your eyes.

Recommendation: Andi Lash

Were you able to figure out your eye shape or did you already know what yours was? Are you using the best style lash for you? Or are you now excited to give false lashes a try for the first time? Let me know in the comments and share what other topics you’d like to talk about!

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