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What is Jammin Beauties?

For years I was a single mother. Then I added in the role of wife. It was easy to lose myself in the identity of those roles. Jammin Beauties helped me reconnect with who I was as a person again. And showed me that it was okay to take care of that person.


In July of 2016 I was invited to a party on Facebook. Yes, it was one of THOSE parties! A good friend invited me to a Jamberry party she was hosting and I was introduced to the world of the #Momprenuer and #BossBabe... and I had a blast! I was a few months out from my wedding day and feeling so overwhelmed with all the planning and all my regular everyday responsibilities I decided I was going to sign up and have something that was just for me. Something fun! And of course it wouldn't hurt that I'd be making a few extra bucks as well ;)

Jammin Beauties started as a Facebook group where I could connect with my customers and create a positive community. Over time it has evolved into something I want to use as a way to spread a message of empowerment and self care for women everywhere. I love our group and the community we’ve created and am so excited to take this next step so that we can create an even bigger community and help support even more women on their journey to finding what works best for them when balancing all the different aspects of life and putting the importance self care deserves in it. <3

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